Marketing through these turbulent times.. Writing from home this week!

A daughter with a ‘badly timed’ cough, the closure of all schools in the UK and the country nearing a complete lockdown, I am spending the next 14 days at home working with my 10 year old son and 12 year old daughter.

Work wise, it feels bad taste to be pushing high end print finishing equipment to people with the weight of the world on their shoulders.

I am responding to requests and enquiries as they come in, so people are still working. But whilst we have a worldwide pandemic, I turned my marketing brain to where our services could be of use rather than feeling like a sales person!

So medical equipment it was.

Having a highly trained engineering department with electrical, mechanical and design engineers, I contacted a few medical supplier companies locally. Within 24 hours we had received an order to make 500 valve clips for Entonox masks.

This then freed the medical company up from their usual orders to make ventilators. A product they normally make but with COVOID-19, demand has ramped up around the globe.

The government have been looking to bigger companies to help make these, such as JCB, Honda and other car manufacturers. But production times would take months, designs would have to be drafted and signed off.

With offloading some of their normal work this frees the company to concentrate on making ventilators.

We are lucky enough to be in an area and a profession where social distancing is possible. The demand for labels is high, with the pharmaceutical companies ramping up production to cope with the world wide pandemic.

I wish you and your families well at this troubling time and hope you keep well and healthy.