Congratulations to Justin Reynolds, who is celebrating 20 years of working at Fix-A-Form International Ltd today!

Justin is our supervisor in the machine shop. He is also capable of running and setting up all of the machines to produce the parts for the Autofix machines. As well as producing parts and programming CNC machines he orders in all of the material and necessary tooling to produce the parts.

With 20 years’ experience he knows the Autofix machines very well and is capable of assembling, fault finding and suggesting improvements to the machines.

Justin is highly respected by staff that have worked for him, by his colleagues and customers that come to us for his expertise in producing one off fixtures and test rigs for the pharmaceutical industry.

We thank you for your continued hard work, support and dedication over the last 2 decades. Here is a picture of Justin at the start of his career with Fix-A-Form International and today.