A popular & effective way to support new marketing initiatives and product promotions

Fix-a-Form, the multipage label:

A trusted & secure way to meet legislative demands for on-pack information

A vast range of multi-page label possibilities


In the mid-1970’s, our sister company Denny Bros, devised the leaflet label multi-page combination known as ‘Fix-a-Form’. Designed to create extra space for product usage instructions or promotional messages, Fix-a-Form leaflet-labels are applied directly onto packaged goods to provide ‘on-pack’ information to the end-user of the product.

The Fix-a-Form machinery is extremely versatile, able to produce a variety of leaflet label options, detailed here are just a few examples:

Twin Form
Kleer Format
Kleer Form
Multi Kleer
Uni Book
Auto Collar
Auto Flag
Twin-Form with Insert
Magazine Insert Style ECL


Upgrading to leaflet labels can give your business the competitive edge, both in terms of offering a new & unique label format to your customers but also in terms of introducing a new product range with attractive margins for your business!

Benefits of Fix-A-Form

  • With leaflet labels there are fewer packaging components; this not only satisfies legislation, but also simplifies logistics and reduces costs.
  • Less inventory and improved security – with fewer components to store, handle and check.
  • Packaging lines can be simplified. For example, avoiding the need for expensive cartoning equipment which can slow production, having to insert leaflets by hand, or having to match several packaging elements, such as leaflet, label and carton, together on the packing line.
  • Multi-lingual labels avoid having to produce separate packaging for each language version.
  • Leaflet labels are supplied on-reel for automatic application.
  • Standard labelling equipment is used.
  • Applicators can be easily installed on a temporary basis.
  • Changes to existing production lines when applying leaflet labels are usually unnecessary, or at worst minor.
  • Fix-a-Form adheres directly to, and remains with, the product. Important user instructions are safe and secure.
  • Dual barcodes can be added to the Fix-a-Form product to ensure correct leaflet-to-label match.
  • Holograms and similar security features can be incorporated anywhere into the Fix-a-Form product to deter counterfeiting.
  • Tactile warning triangles and braille can be added as options to alert the visually impaired when handling a dangerous product.
  • Recipes, instructions and other added value information can be incorporated into the labels.
  • Extra pages provide space to promote other related products – a mini on-pack catalogue.
  • Give-away items such as sachets, fridge magnets, lenticular images, stickers, scratch off panels etc.
  • Scratch & Sniff panels, transfers & rub-off tattoos as well as vouchers can be included right on the packaging to draw consumers’ attention.

Providing clear information is a key requirement for many types of product packaging, Fix-a-Form leaflet label provides the solution


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