Fix-a-Form International Ltd  are world leaders in the design & manufacture of leaflet label machines. We are part of the Denny Brothers Group, inventors of the worlds first multi-page leaflet label.

Fix-a-Form sell machinery and license technology to a global network of leaflet label printing companies providing custom label solutions in over 20 countries worldwide.

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Global Player
The Fix-a-Form® licensee network comprises over 20 of the world’s leading label printers, who deliver this innovative concept to major customers in over 50 countries locally...

20 members, operating in 50 countries






Over 50 machines on site in production


Supplying leading global brands


More than 30 types of leaflet label


We are proud to offer leaflet label machinery invented by the people who invented leaflet labels

Key areas of our business:

Fix a Form International is one of the leading suppliers of leaflet label manufacturing machinery in the world, based in the UK

About Us

Denny Brothers first began developing leaflet labels, also known as Expanded Content Labels or ECL’s in the 1970’s. Fix-a-Form International grew from this in the 1980’s to expand globally and are now one of the leading suppliers of leaflet label manufacturing machinery in the world. We offer a complete solution for your leaflet label requirement from production of the multi-page label through to the machinery needed to make them.

Fix-a-Form is based at the Denny Brothers Group Headquarters in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK, where we are home to a 2,000msq, purpose-built manufacturing facility. Our team of highly skilled and experienced engineers design and build the full range of Fix a Form leaflet label machines.

This innovative concept of Multi Page leaflet labels is delivered internationally through our unique Fix-a-Form® network, comprising of over 20 of the world’s leading label printers, who deliver to major customers in over 50 countries locally.

Fix-a-Form International is an ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 European Quality Assurance company.

Please visit the Denny Brothers website for further information about the group of companies.

How We Work

Fix a Form International prides itself on the unique offering which has defined our work for over 35 years. Quite simply we provide fully comprehensive support for your leaflet label manufacturing requirements including:

  • Design & Manufacture of Leaflet Label Machines; bespoke equipment to meet your production needs

  • Extensive Equipment & Technical Support tailored to your organisation

  • Network Membership

  • Commercial Support

  • Sales & Marketing Support

  • Creating Long Term Strategic Partnerships

Integral to our business, our purpose-built factory includes state-of-the-art product design solutions and the flexibility to tailor our processes to best meet the needs of our customers.

Fix-a-Form is a leading manufacturer of leaflet label machines. With over 35 years’ experience and expertise in design and manufacturing, Fix-a-Form can meet all customer needs.

Fix-a-Form retains its position as a leading innovator of special purpose machinery, with ongoing commitment to creating new and imaginative ways to meet our client’s on-product communication needs.

We ensure you achieve the best possible return on your investment. We achieve this by providing our customers with ongoing technical and business support, long after the initial investment.

Fix a Form International first began developing leaflet labels, also known as expanded content labels or ECL’s in the 1970’s

Our History

The history of the Fix-a-Form® leaflet label began back in 1945 when the second world-war ended and two British military personnel returned to their family home in the UK. Brothers Douglas and Russell Denny had been given their demobilisation pay and decided to invest it by creating a small commercial printing outfit in the East of England. With the purchase of a small Harrild treadle-press and a lot of determination, little did they know that their products would one day go on to achieve global success….

From humble beginnings to global acclaim, operating firstly from an outbuilding of their family home and later from premises in the centre of market town Bury St Edmunds, the brothers worked hard to build up a strong reputation by supplying a range of printed materials to local businesses and commercial enterprises. They soon became renowned for their innovative approach in taking on unusual projects and creating new solutions.

The inception of the leaflet label concept, during the late 1970’s the Denny’s were approached by an agrochemical manufacturer in the town with the challenge of adding multiple pages of user-information directly onto the product. The result of their innovation was to mark the birth of the Fix-a-Form® multi-page label – a now internationally recognised packaging system in the packaging industry.

The Fix a Form licensee network comprises of 20 of the world’s leading label printers, delivering product to over 50 countries locally



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