Investing in leaflet label machinery can be the most profitable investment you can make in your printing business. We can supply you with information to show you how you can profitably add multi-page leaflet labels to your business.

Why offer multi-page labels?

Many brands are now finding it can be difficult to fit all of the information they need on to their packaging. With products being shipped out to multiple countries, not only needing to be multi-lingual, they need to comply with regulatory and instructional information.  Pressure has been on the big brands to reduce packaging but demand across the world proves a challenge to keep up with regulatory needs in different countries. This means that companies are having to reproduce their packaging multiple times or add inserts and extra packaging to their product to hold enough information on the product.

By offering a Fix-a-Form® multi-page leaflet label, they can fit all of the information needed on to the end product. This is simplifying the packaging process – using less inventory, fewer packaging operations and simpler equipment. Thus, saving on time, money and resources.

History and selling points

Denny Bros invented the multi-page label in the late 1970s. Fix-a-Form International is part of the Denny Bros group and manufactures the machinery for the multipage leaflet label.

Fix-a-Form® leaflet labels are a versatile and flexible labelling option –

  • Eliminate the need for separate leaflets, labels and cartons.
  • Reduces waste and simplifies the inventory
  • Offers an engaging and interactive on-product promotional tool
  • Ensures vital product information remains on a pack
  • Alternatively, specifically removable sections can be created
  • Incorporate many special features such as braille, security and tamper evident features and URN’s
  • Ensures product instructions stay with the product at all times

Fix-a-Form® leaflet labels can range from a single 1 sheet lay over, to offering 120 pages, providing plenty of room for the information your customer requires. They have a resealable function that allows them to re-adhere to the packaging as many times as they need for long term performance.

Multi-page leaflet labels also factor a key environmental benefit. They drastically reduce the amount of packaging material needed by doing away with extra inserts and boxes, which are normally almost instantly thrown away. Not only is this creating extra waste, but the product does then not have the necessary information with it for use. Having the space to incorporate multi-lingual information on one leaflet label also, saves multiple leaflets being produced for one product.

Fix-A-Form® labels are used widely throughout a number of different industries and perfectly demonstrate how much more information can be carried on a single product.

The leaflet labels that you will be able to produce are far more profitable than just offering self-adhesive labels and many of our customers report that their machinery has paid for itself within 5 years.

At Fix-a-Form International we offer a unique after sales package. Not just with technical support but also with sales and marketing. We have been doing this for over 40 years and have a wealth of knowledge ready to share with you.

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