The global printed label market is expected to reach $67.02 billion by 2026. Increased demand for manufactured products and an upsurge in the disposable income of people worldwide are the key driving factors for the market growth. ‘Labels and Labelling’ conducted a survey on what companies will be investing in to next and 47% are looking to next invest in digital printing and 13% in converting and finishing. So that’s over 1 in 10 companies investing in converting and finishing and nearly half investing on the digital side.

Brand designing, packaging and distribution has had dramatic changes in recent years, due to the availability of new technology, and the change in consumer trends.

We are now seeing a larger number of smaller orders and businesses are having to adjust to a more agile run to remain profitable and in the competition.

The pressure is on brands to reduce packaging due to environmental concerns and impact. Packaging is a fundamental part of a brand so working together we have to find the solutions to meet this.

This is where the expanded content label comes in.. or the Fix-a-Form label.

A high end expanded content label (ECL) will put you ahead of the competition when business is growing and competitors are buying.

With faster set up times than our competitors, the Fix-a-Form machinery offers the perfect solution for shorter or longer runs.

The Autofix range of leaflet label manufacturing equipment brings together self-adhesive web and multipage leaflets.

Taking folded leaflets, glued or stapled booklets the Autofix machines adheres them in registration to pre-printed or unprinted web. This is accomplished by using discreet lines of hotmelt or cold glue. The machines can laminate, die cut, strip the waste matrix and slit into singles.

Our Auto-Fix range consists of the Autofix 1000, AF350 and AF500 machines which are flexible for short, medium and long run lengths. Our latest model is the AF500 with a 500mm maximum web width capability.

Our Fold&Fix machine has the unique capability to fold leaflets and affix them to a web in a single pass.

A revolution in leaflet label production. Folding in-line improves efficiency, reduces lead times and gives you control of the production process. It is a machine designed without compromise. Its multiple modes of operation mean that you can offer your customers a leaflet label solution without compromise too.

In a global market that is annually growing at an average rate of 6% now is the time to look to invest into the future of your business.

Be able to offer your existing customers and attract new ones with a solution to their labelling needs whilst being ahead of the competition.