Even though packaging is necessary, a lot of products have excess packaging where the information that is needed could be applied direct to the product rather than the added packaging to hold needed information.

This could be for instructions, legally needed information, multi-lingual or promotional. This is adding cost to the product and extra waste that is discarded after a limited time. In a time where our throw away culture has spread packaging waste worldwide, companies have to look for solutions where they can provide more and use less. Pressure is mounting because packaging is changing.

In the late 1970’s our sister company Denny Bros combined a printed, folded leaflet with a self adhesive label, and the first multi-page label was born. Fix-a-Form.

A leaflet label is a multi-panel solution that is suitable for a wide variety of packaging types and is ideal for directions of use, informative labelling and adding multilingual information.

A brilliant packaging option used by leading brands and label printers worldwide – a self adhesive, fully laminated label with an adhesive tab. The innovative combination occupies the same space as an original single pane label but may contain up to 120 pages of extra information. These can be tailored to suit different product needs, supplied in a standard reel format and applied with standard industry labelling equipment.

Being the inventors of the multi-page label and remaining world leaders in our field we have been able to produce and manufacture machinery that is extremely versatile and able to produce a variety of leaflet label options. We supply machinery too some of the biggest label printing companies in over 20 different countries. They then become part of our network of members and receive a bespoke support service. We are currently expanding our network worldwide.

About 1/3 of an average landfill is made up of packaging material. In America for example – every year, each American throws out about 1,200lbs/544kgs of organic landfill that can be composted. The U.S. is the number 1 trash -producing country in the world at 1,609lbs/730kg per person per year.

In the U.K, supermarket giant Tescp, announced last year that from 2020 it will be banning brands that use excessive packaging. Dave Lewis, Tesco’s chief executive , said the company would “reserve the right not to list” products with too much non-recyclable packaging from next year, in an article published in The Guardian. UK packaging laws are changing to eliminate waste by 2022 but this is a global issue.

Safe guard your business, your customers will be thinking about reducing packaging so look to invest now in to your future.

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